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Villas with an indoor swimming pool

A villa with an indoor swimming pool offers the opportunity to relax peacefully the whole year round. Many people dream of having a swimming pool. But an indoor swimming pool also offers you the opportunity to get the maximum enjoyment from it, entirely within the privacy of your own home. Furthermore, you do not have to cover it with a tarpaulin, you do not need a specific permit, and construction can be completed within one week. As an additional advantage, an indoor swimming pool does not require much maintenance. 

  • cozy  timeless villa - indoor swimming pool - residential site
    • € 1.650.000
    • Linden
    • 339 x viewed
    • 2.050 M²
  • recent  VILLA on 2,900 m2 * splendid VIEW * indoor swimming pool
    • € 1.975.000
    • Kessel-Lo
    • 1.924 x viewed
    • 2.900 M²
  • Villa for sale at spa with reference 19601798285
    • € 1.200.000
    • Spa
    • 4.983 x viewed
    • 3.351 M²

  • Nachtegalenlaan 13
    • € 1.599.500
    • Hechtel-Eksel
    • 5.213 x viewed
    • 42.380 M²
  • Splendid atypical property with private lake
    • € 1.400.000
    • Feluy
    • 6.077 x viewed
    • 25.000 M²
  • Villa for sale at Retie with reference 19401840137
    • € 685.000
    • Retie
    • 4.974 x viewed
    • 1.860 M²

  • Villa for sale at UCCLE with reference 19701816924
    • € 3.950.000
    • Uccle
    • 8.612 x viewed
    • 2.675 M²
  • Villa for sale at Hoogstraten with reference 19900695505
    • € 1.050.000
    • Hoogstraten
    • 5.584 x viewed
    • 8.586 M²
  • Villa for sale at WOLUWE-SAINT-PIERRE with reference 19400388481
    • € 3.800.000
    • Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
    • 7.221 x viewed
    • 1.367 M²

An indoor swimming pool enables you to enjoy your investment fully the whole year round. Indoor swimming pools are steadily gaining in populatiry because you no longer have to worry about the weather or the season. For those who wish to enjoy pleasantly heated swimming, an indoor swimming pool is the ideal solution.

A villa with an indoor swimming pool for plenty of fun in the water

Because you never have to depend on the weather conditions or seasons again, you can dive in whenever you like and stay fit at any time. A villa with an indoor swimming pool offers you a great many possibilities. You can match an indoor swimming pool to the style of your home. They are available in various shapes and sizes, are made of foil or finished in a glass mosaic, and energy-efficient LED lighting gives your swimming pool an extra dimension in the evening. 

For a lovely range of indoor and open air swimming pools and ponds, you also should definitely have a look at the website www.demooistezwembaden.be. 

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