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Villas with a conservatory

A villa with a conservatory lets you bring nature and your garden into your home. The conservatory is, as it were, an additional garden room. It can be fully furnished to your taste, is easy to heat and is perfectly suited for lounging in style. If you have a conservatory, you can opt for high-quality garden furniture that also looks lovely on your terrace during the summer.

  • Villa for sale at Klerken with reference 19901641099
    • € 715.000
    • Klerken
    • 5.762 x viewed
    • 6.350 M²
  • Villa for sale at Turnhout with reference 19901918315
    • € 649.000
    • Turnhout
    • 5.180 x viewed
    • 1.460 M²
  • Prachtige statige villa met uitzonderlijk domein
    • € 1.750.000
    • Schilde
    • 7.962 x viewed
    • 25.000 M²

  • Villa for sale at Rijkevorsel with reference 19200273492
    • € 2.495.000
    • Rijkevorsel
    • 9.280 x viewed
    • 60.000 M²

A villa with conservatory provides you with the ideal feeling of outdoor living inside. A conservatory is also called a glasshouse, veranda or terrace covering. It is a construction on your house that mainly consists of glass. It is also suitable for keeping pot plants during the winter. 

Life is always pleasant in a villa with a conservatory 

Built entirely from glass, a conservatory catches a great deal of sun so that the temperature can rise quickly. This open and bright space cheers us up instantly thanks to the continual exposure to Vitamin D. A villa with a conservatory provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and your garden. With a special quality of light, your conservatory becomes a great place to enjoy, also in the evening. 

For those considering a conservatory, a visit to the  demooisteverandas.be website is certainly worthwhile; make sure to have a look at these beautiful glasshouses

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