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5.5 million litres water to swim in

Lazing with cocktail in hand, mucking around in the pool, an elegant dive into the water, peacefully floating around the edges, taking a relaxing swim or splashing about with the little ones. A swimming pool in the villa of your dreams. Pay a refreshing visit to all the water that we offer on our website.

A visit to Luxury Properties guides you through the most exclusive villas and apartments for sale in the region you have selected. This site gathers a wide, current and exclusive range of most residential villas, apartments and historical buildings for sale in Belgium. The ranges always consists of luxury properties from the higher price class, and solely of luxury properties starting from 500,000 euro.

With its extensive presentation possibilities and search functions, Luxury Properties is the ideal portal site for the certified better estate agent. Exclusive real estate is professionally presented. The luxury features and exclusive aspects are explained in detail.
Let Luxury Properties surprise you with its unique presentation of luxury villas, apartments, penthouses and historical buildings by means of high-quality images.

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